Aleja Dębowa 16, a green hedge, garden, pre-war villa. Small rooms and a rehearsal room with a terrace, from which there is a view of the garden – we do not know another theater in Poland where, during a break in rehearsals, one can dive into greenery so quickly.

The villa on Dębowa is a unique place not only because of its architecture but also because it houses the only repertoire mime theater of ensemble. It is a place for exploring new forms of movement, creating narrative mime performances, a space for theatrical education, and the exchange of critical thought. Dębowa 16 is an address of theatrical experiment and dialogue. It's your address.


Mime moves - imagination, emotions, and bodies. That's how we think about this Theater and about movement, its main artistic language. Movement is for us a means of understanding reality, another person, and oneself.

We view the body holistically and approach it with empathy. We want to move the spaces of emotional reception of art, to move the individual sensitivity of the viewer, their imagination and intellect.

We want mime to awaken passions, to be exciting and electrifying. It should not be indifferent, but boldly fulfill its mission; to be able to treat art also as fun; to stimulate laughter and tears. Let it move!


The hallmark of our Theater is a team composed of strong artistic individuals who also independently seek paths for the development of their own means of expression. An open team, taking on artistic challenges while simultaneously having the ability to preserve its own movement DNA and presenting the art of mime at the highest level of performance.


The vision of the "spherical theater" by Henryk Tomaszewski, as well as the Theater's logo designed by Jan Jaromir Aleksiun, place the human being at the very center of this theater, in relation to reality and other people. Therefore, we want the human being to be the most important in Pantomime, to be the center of this world, this Theater, the direction of our gaze. We will observe them, analyze their condition and attitudes towards the changing reality, and create spaces for them to act, to come alive, to believe, to not be afraid.

We see grounding the Theater in humanistic values as a necessity in the ending order of the world we know. A world without values is doomed to failure. The Theater - as well.


We approach movement with the sensitivity of a child, rediscovering movement and mime anew each time and seeking in it ever different, surprising possibilities. We continue the path of searching for our own artistic language. We respect history, but we want to pursue the new: movement freed from all possible limitations, patterns, and preconceptions.

Freed movement, for us, means expression, organicity, and spontaneity, and the essence of our search in movement remains conflict – both in form, i.e., movement (tension-relaxation, inhalation-exhalation, etc.), and in themes, such as in the vicissitudes of fate, desires, and human possibilities, etc. This drama of elements – both movement and thematic – ignites our passion for this Theater.

We want to share this passion with you.


In 2022, the Wrocław Pantomime Theater joined "Culture for Climate," a grassroots initiative aimed at greening the cultural sector. The actions we implement in WTP, the way we produce shows and peripheral theater activities, the methods of promoting our repertoire, as well as daily operations related to the current functioning of our institution, are evaluated to reduce material and energy consumption.

Eco-ethics of Wroclaw Mime Theatre (in polish)

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