On March 22, we celebrate the World Mime Day

On this day, we are giving the floor to Leszek Bzdyl, the artistic director of the WTP, who in his essay „Sylogizm niedzy” (The Sylogism of ignorance) (written for the 60th anniversary of WTP) recalls Tomaszewski:

„Pantomime. Reading the interviews with Tomaszewski, beginning with the first ones, still from the 1950s, and ending with those when he was saying goodbye to the Theater, irritate the same bothersome questions from journalists (?) And critics (?): „What is a pantomime?” „Why pantomime and not theater with words?”, „Why is the corporeality so exposed?”.

In the first years, the Master speaks with enthusiasm about a new language formula and a new, one-of-a-kind theater. I am creating this team of my own. With a blow from a clenched fist or with a kick from Harlequin, he breaks the door to a new one, turns a pantomime into a pantomime; he constructs a Pantomime that contains everything ”.


He possessed me [Tomaszewski – ed. ed.] the idea of ​​creating a completely new field of art that would combine elements of ballet, pantomime, theater, which would give room for experimentation. Pantomime is my life.


“Over time, probably bored with the monotony of repetitive questions, he turns on the cassette tape and says the same thing over and over. It is not difficult to imagine that he replies to journalists with an undisguised grimace of irony and a malicious thought in his head: – If you opened your eyes and let yourself be carried away by what you see, you would not ask such stupid questions.

And then, when he didn’t have to prove anything anymore, or he didn’t want to prove anything anymore, he said (1987): – When I started the band 31 years ago, I was 31 years younger, and when you are young and when you start something, you are dumb and contesting something. Today I look at my attitudes with a smile, but it seems to me that they were necessary and needed at that time. They had to convince me of the right choice.

“We are not going to come up with something completely new in the theater. Each of us does what has been done before, referring to something that existed before. And at most it goes one step further ”- these are the most beautiful words of Henryk Tomaszewski that I found in his maze. I allow myself to think that these are left …, left only for me !, left in the heart of the darkness of his maze … old broken sleds. Or maybe a nod from a grumpy girl? ”


Reading hundreds of pages of interviews with the Master, I notice that what I have to say about theater now comes directly from him, before it is stigmatized. I only recycle what he put in my head.

[Leszek Bzdyl, Tomaszewski – contribution to the remix]

Unless otherwise stated, all quotations come from: Leszek Bzdyl „Sylogizm niezdzyl”, in „I see my theater spherically.”