DIR. Martyna Majewska
Set between wars, “BATORY trans” is a play inspired by the characters and events which took place on a board a Batory ship, described by Bożena Aksamit in her book “Batory. Gwiazdy, skandale i  miłość na transatlantyku” (“Batory. Stars, Scandals and Love on the Transatlantic Ship”).
DIR. Joanna Gerigk
Inspired by the collection of short stories Four Roses for Lucienne and The Most Beautiful Pair of Breasts in the World by Roland Topor.
DIR. Leszek Bzdyl
to deal such a blow to Gombrowicz!  To create a pantomime of Gombrowicz! Rip him off his words and leave only bodies, bodies tangled into other bodies!
DIR. Piotr Cieplak
Island based on The Tempest by William Shakespeare … (elegiac tempo, rather slow)   One uttered sentence finished with a full stop… after a moment demands another, and yet another… The more you speak, the more the unutterable space swells instead of shrinking.   Even a single, individually uttered, individual thought, starts the race of …
DIR. Team creation under Leszek Bzdyl
” Los Mimos ”will be a collective creation of an acting team under the artistic supervision of Leszek Bzdyl, the artistic director of the Wrocław pantomime. „Los Mimos” preparing a thoroughly contemporary spectacle, will refer to the tradition of popular baroque theater, from which European pantomime originates. Recalling the classic solutions of mimic improvisation based …
scena zbiorowa_Mikrokosmos_rez. Konrad Dworakowski_WTP(2011)_fot. B. Sowa
DIR. Konrad Dworakowski
Hans Christian Andersen wrote “Thumbelina” in the search of a proof of vulnerability, obedience and purity in a child of which the tiny girl is the metaphor. He, at the same time, wanted to indicate the great influence of the external world on everything that happens with the main character.
DIR. Ewelina Marciniak
With each breath we become present in the world. We disappear with every breath. We pass. By the nature of our personal stories and meanings. We rise from the dust of the earth. We succumb to her attraction. We return to life for life. And so we move. Sometimes stretching impossible to live up to …
DIR. Agnieszka Kulińska
Pierrot, a hero with big and sad eyes, will try to find the answer. He will meet Jumping Jack, Doll, Bird, Cat in his path and he will help them, support and solve problems . But will he be able to answer the question bothering him - where love is?