Father's Day in the Garden of the Theater

Mikrokosmos (2023), reż. Konrad Dworakowski, fot. Natalia Kabanow

Microcoms, photo by Natalia Kabanow

If only, even for a moment, to be little again... Father's Day at the Pantomime.

This funny and touching fairy tale based on the works of Hans Christian Andersen will enchant you in the Garden - Summer Stage at Dębowa Street 16. This warm family show is the perfect choice for June 23 – Father's Day. All dads and families are invited to an extraordinary adventure with the Pantomime Theatre team.

The performance is aimed at viewers from the age of 5:

Even the smallest among us – were once even smaller. Even the most grown-up… weren’t grown-up. Even the most experienced were inexperienced. Everyone was once a child. There are surely also those among us who would forever wish to remain one. To learn about the world anew, to touch, feel, and taste everything for the first time. And then to marvel at how extraordinary the world is…