Awards and Recognitions at the Warsaw Theatre Meetings for "The Discomfort of Evening" Creators

Niepokój przychodzi o zmierzchu, fot. Natalia Kabanow

The Discomfort of Evening, photo by Natalia Kabanow

Wonderful News from the 44th Warsaw Theatre Meetings

We are thrilled to announce the accolades received at the 44th Warsaw Theatre Meetings for our performance of "The Discomfort of Evening" directed by Małgorzata Wdowik.


Awards by Wiesław Kowalski:

  • Best Supporting Role: Agnieszka Dziewa
  • Best Choreography and Stage Movement: Małgorzata Wdowik


"The performance abounds in symbolism and unspoken words, expressed instead through paranoid situations. The brutally portrayed truth is very provocative and deeply moving. The entire cast excellently creates their roles, especially the young Urszula Kuśnierz, who comments on the situations with her warm, childlike voice – she, along with the lead actress Agnieszka Dziewa, plays the character Jas. The strange, characteristic postures, surreal movements, and pantomime gestures strongly impact the imagination. Anna Nabiałkowska, as the mother, constantly moves with an unnaturally hunched spine, illustrating her life's burdens and her isolation in her world. Jan Kochanowski, as the father, masterfully employs bizarre, paranoid movements, giving the impression of shock and disconnection from reality and his loved ones. This has resulted in a fantastic, very moving performance that speaks about the importance of conscious parenting, working through trauma, and dealing with difficult life experiences. When children do not receive solid support from their parents and loved ones, they may later contribute to a pathological society." - Wiesław Kowalski Teatr dla Wszystkich